Preparing Educators as Leaders

Real-world experiences from the start.

The field experience component of the teacher education program(s) emphasizes the importance of actual classroom experience as a foundation for professional knowledge.

Early field experiences provide pre-service teachers an opportunity to observe and interact with students in the surrounding public school districts. These placements are associated with coursework beginning in the freshman year. By the time our students reach their student teaching semester, they have already spent approximately 60-80 hours in the classroom.

Student Teaching semesters are the culminating experiences for our students. The configuration of these experiences looks different depending on the student's program, but regardless of their duration, our students gradually assume all teaching duties. Students exit our undergraduate initial licensure program with a clear understanding of the expectations of the teaching profession and with approximately 800 hours of field experience.

Graduate Practicums are intense and specialized experiences in a particular student's graduate area of study. These are normally coordinated between the Field Placement Office and the student's graduate faculty advisor.

Early field experiences begin your first year.