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National Advisory Board Member

Connection to KU: Elementary Education BSE

KU had, and always has had, an excellent reputation in Education.  It was THE place to get a degree if you wanted to teach.   I grew up in Overland Park, and wanted to stay in Overland Park, and was made aware that those who had a degree from KU were usually chosen first.  There was a glut in Education at that time…..many folks were even going to Australia to teach because you couldn’t find a job in the states.    I was one of the lucky ones!!

National Advisory Board Member

Connection to KU: Student - BS, MS, Ed.D

At my high school in Webster Groves, MO several had gone to KU. When they came for college night, I too was very impressed, visited and chose to come.

National Advisory Board Member

Connection to KU:: Curriculum & Instruction MSE, Curriculum & Instruction PhD

We lived in Lawrence and I wanted to continue my education.

National Advisory Board Member

Connection to KU: Elementary Education BSE, Curriculum & Instruction MSE, Curriculum & Instruction/Early Childhood Education EdD

I grew up in Clay Center and was encouraged by high school teachers  - and my mom - to go into education.  I started at KSU in music education and transferred my junior year to KU because my husband had taken a teaching job in the area.  I was awarded an Experienced Teacher Fellowship in Education and Geography through which I earned the masters degree.  I was a Jayhawk through and through and chose KU for my doctoral studies.  During graduate school I supervised student teachers and taught methods classes.  After grad school, I taught in the College of Education at The University of Alabama.  My passion for music and vocal performance has continued through the years.

National Advisory Board Member

Connection to KU: Teacher Education BSE

As far as I was concerned KU was the ONLY university to be considered for my college years, especially since I was a second generation Jayhawk with parents spending their careers at the KU Med Center. Regular attendance at football games and frequent visits to the museums on campus over the years helped to make me feel right at home in Lawrence. I married a fellow second generation Jayhawk. Although we have made our home in Houston, we have kept many close friendships from those college years.

National Advisory Board Member

Connection to KU:  Teacher Education BSE, Curriculum & Instruction MSE

I grew up in central Kansas and my family had a tradition of attending the Big 8 Basketball Tournament every Christmas.  I loved the Jayhawks!  Fortunately I also received tuition scholarship ($105 a semester) to KU and that sealed the deal.

National Advisory Board Member & Former Chair

Connection to KU:  Chemistry & Biology Education BSE, Curriculum & Instruction (Science Education) MSEd, Teaching & Leadership PhD

I am a first generation college student.  I selected KU because it was closest to home; my dad taught me to whistle using the “I’m a Jayhawk” fight song; and I remember going to a football game when I was eight.  I’ve been married to Brian Petit for 19 years and we have three sons:  Shep, Grady, Fin.  He is a Green Beret and is deployed (too) often.  We are currently stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.  I currently teach Green Berets effective writing skills and I enjoy teaching adults.

National Advisory Board Member

Connection to KU: Attended KU 1961 to 1965 

My connection with KU began with my father who played basketball here under Phog Allen. All of my family, me, my brother, niece, my son and daughter, attended KU and continued the tradition my father started. I was the only one who didn’t get my degree at KU because of a decision to follow my heart instead of my mind. However, I attribute my successes to the education I received at KU, so I retired here with an intent to reconnect and give back to the school I love.

National Advisory Board Member

Connection to KU: Elementary & Special Education

My parents were both graduates of KU and I was raised knowing I would attend KU one day.  I knew I wanted to work with special needs children, having volunteered in high school numerous times as a summer camp counselor for special needs kids.  

National Advisory Board Chair

Connection to KU:  Educational Administration, Ph.D

I moved to Kansas in 1986 and was immediately a Jayhawk fan. When it came time to complete my doctoral program, KU was the ONLY choice for me. As a first generation college graduate this was an accomplishment that meant so much to me and my family.  Serving on the National Advisory Board is a great way for me to give back to the University that provided me with such rich educational and career experiences.

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