Preparing Educators as Leaders

MSP Students At KU:

  • Are well prepared for post-secondary studies.
  • Want to benefit from the academic support and be strengthened by the inter-personal relationship of others.
  • Can demonstrate a willingness to commit to a profession in education, health, and to the broader community.
  • Want to achieve academic success and obtain a degree in a timely manner.
  • Are prepared to serve as leaders in their field of study upon graduation.

Our expectations for you:

  • Attend all classes enrolled in during each semester.
  • Attend all announced group meetings
  • Attend all scheduled meetings with co-directors
  • Demonstrate a commitment to academic discipline and seek advice or assistance when necessary
  • Maintain a minimum GPA as required by the School of Education/ and specific academic program.

Learn what you can expect from us.

MSP Students at KU School of Education

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Michele Casavant Michele Casavant
Director, MSP Program

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