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STAR Evaluation Form

Assessment is an essential component of our students’ culminating field experiences. Use of assessment tools aligned with Kansas education standards and InTASC standards help our students better understand expectations and set goals for their performance.

At the end of these culminating field experiences, the clinical supervisor and university supervisor should submit a STAR Evaluation Form online for the student(s) they supervise. When scoring, supervisors should consider the student’s performance over the entire experience. The steps are below:

  1. STAR Instrument Training

    Our accrediting body requires that our clinical and university supervisors be trained on our assessment tool. Therefore, prior to completing the STAR evaluation, please view the training module below. At the end of the training, there are links to three teaching videos.  Disregard the first and the third, as they are currently unavailable. However, please view the second video and rate it using the STAR instrument. The second teaching video is available below, directly under the training module.  After viewing both, please click the Task #2 Scoring link to enter your scores.

    Training Module (pdf)

    Task #2 Scoring:

  2. STAR Log-In & Submission Instructions

    One-to-two weeks before the end of the field experience, you’ll receive a username, password and unique four-digit passcode via email. You’ll need this information to access the online STAR evaluation. If you haven’t received your log-in credentials by the last week of your student’s experience, please contact Melissa Robinson (

    After completing the evaluation training and locating your log-in credentials, you can complete the online STAR evaluation. Visual Art Education & Unified Early Childhood have program-specific STAR evaluations. If you are supervising a student in either of those programs, please click the appropriate link below. Everyone else should select the first link. The system will initially prompt you for your username and password. Next, enter your 4-digit passcode and last name to begin the assessment. Please note that you can come back to the form at a later time and your previous scores and comments will be saved. You don’t need to complete the evaluation in one sitting.

Melissa Robinson
Field Experience Coordinator

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