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Graduate Assistantships Are Available

Graduate Assistants (GAs) play an integral role at KU, and assistantships are intended to financially and academically support graduate students engaged in research, teaching, and administrative-related opportunities.  

Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)

Graduate Research Assistants are salaried student employees who perform research that is in their fields (or a closely related field) of study and is integral to the student’s education (e.g., dissertation topic). The duties performed are under the direct supervision of faculty or research professionals. The duties do not involve classroom instruction.

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)

Graduate Teaching Assistants are salaried student employees whose job duties consist primarily of direct involvement in classroom or laboratory instruction. The duties are performed under the supervision of faculty. The University also requires that a GTA’s teaching assignment be in his/her own field of study or one that is closely related. Out-of-field appointments require consultation with the student’s home academic unit and the explicit approval of Graduate Studies or the Dean's Office of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Graduate Assistant (GA)

Graduate Assistants are salaried student employees (as determined by Human Resources and Equal Opportunity) who hold a position that furthers the professional and/or academic development of the graduate student. The duties performed are professional in nature and under the direct supervision of faculty, academic professionals, or administrators. The duties do not involve classroom instruction or research integral to the student’s degree program or dissertation. The graduate assistant's responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, administrative and professional internships.

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Learn more about the Practicing Educator Sponsorship Program offered to PK-12 public (or private) school district educators interested in a graduate program in education at KU.

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