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Student Teaching: Request Placement

Attend the "Intent to Student Teach" session held in early February during the spring semester prior to the academic year you intend to complete your student teaching experience(s). The Field Placement Office will send out an email notifying you of day, time and location of the meeting. If you do not receive this email notice before January 1st, please contact Melissa Robinson ( for details.

If you are a KU School of Education student, visit the KU School of Education Welcome Center (JRP #208) to request a graduation check. You should have a check completed before you apply to student teach. Complete all of the required forms presented at the "Intent to Student Teach" session and the Student Teaching/Internship Online Request Form.  Submit everything to the Field Placement Office before the specified due date.

All arrangements for student teaching must be made through the Field Placement Office. You may not initiate discussions with public school personnel about a student teaching assignment. Interference on your part will not only complicate matters; it may result in the district denying your request entirely. Also, you may not student teach at any school you've attended or one where you have family attending or employed.

Contact Melissa Robinson (, our Field Placement Director for more information as needed.