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Scholarship FAQs

Q: I will be a new graduate student in the School of Education starting in the fall semester. Am I eligible for scholarships?
A: Not through this process. There is a limited pool of recruitment scholarship money for incoming graduate students in the School of Education. To find out about these one-time scholarship opportunities, please contact the academic department to which you are applying.
Q: I am an undergraduate student planning to transfer to KU. Can I apply for these scholarships?
A: Yes, you can apply for a School of Education scholarship as long as you are admitted to the School of Education for the fall semester.
Q: If I am selected, how will the award be given to me?
A: These scholarships will be applied directly to your tuition bill. Scholarships are administered by academic year. Awards are given in two equal disbursements - one in the fall semester and one in the spring. So if a student received a $1,000 scholarship, $500 would be applied to his/her fall tuition bill, and $500 would be applied to his/her spring tuition bill.
Q: What if I have other scholarships that, combined with a School of Education scholarship, are more than the cost of my tuition?
A: If there is a remaining balance after your scholarships are subtracted from your tuition bill, you will be issued a refund check by the KU Comptroller's Office. To receive your refund check, you must pick it up in person at Carruth O'Leary Hall with a photo ID after you receive your semester tuition bill. The Comptroller's Office will notify you when it is time to pick up your refund check.
Q: How many hours of classes must I take to be eligible for School of Education scholarships?
A: Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours each semester they receive a scholarship. Graduate Licensing Program (GLP) and Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 6 hours each semester.
Q: What if I my plans change after I have completed the scholarship application, and I decide to attend only one semester? Can I have my entire year's award applied to one semester's tuition bill?
A: No. Scholarships are not transferable between semesters. In this case, you will receive only one semester's portion of your scholarship award. Awards are granted based on the enrollment information provided on your scholarship application. *Please IMMEDIATELY notify us if you will not be attending*
Q: I received a School of Education scholarship last year. Am I eligible for scholarships again this year?
A: Yes, you are eligible to apply this year. The Scholarship Council invites all education students to apply each year.

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