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Preparing Educators as Leaders

Professional Development Schools (PDS) Alliance

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The University of Kansas Professional Development School (KUPDS) is an active partnership between The University of Kansas School of Education and 13 public schools in four surrounding school districts. Founded in 1991, our Alliance works to provide collaborative educator preparation, ongoing professional development, reflective inquiry, and continuous school renewal. Within these tenets, the Alliance works for collaborative research, training and professional development opportunities for public school educators, university faculty, and teacher education students with the ultimate goal of improving education for all children.

Professional Development School Students

PDS Schools are an excellent way for KU School of Education students to be part of a dynamic collaboration of caring and committed educational professionals. Our PDS model ties education coursework with the student teaching, practicum, and internship field experiences. Current related coursework is offered in PDS sites with KU faculty and professional educators from PDS schools often collaborating together to blend theory with practice. All education students who wish to be part of the PDS experience indicate their choice during the Intent to Student Teach application process. Please visit the Field Experience Requests page and click on PDS Professional Year Placement Request (C&T only).

Student Teaching and Student Internships – The Final Year

  • Fall – 10 weeks of student teaching (either at a PDS or non-PDS site) followed by eight weeks of related coursework and additional preparation/observation hours in spring PDS sites.
  • Spring – 16 week placement of student internship at a PDS site.
  • Fall – 16-weeks of practicum experience (either at a PDS or non-PDS site) and additional preparation/observation hours in spring PDS sites.
  • Spring – 16-week placement student teaching at a PDS site. Students meet in a bi-weekly seminar at PDS sites.

Currently, PDS students may complete either their entire senior year or just the spring semester at a designated PDS site. Some of the required coursework during the second half of the fall semester is taught in a cohort of PDS students. This program is designed for PDS students only and fulfills requirements for ELPS 537: The Governance and Organization of Schools. This course is taught from mid-October through the end of the fall semester. PDS students complete the required hours of coursework together with PDS onsite hours each week. The onsite hours are designed to connect the content of the class with the practical and everyday applications to each specific site. PDS students are also expected to learn the culture and the climate of their school during their weekly visits. Combined, this experience prepares PDS teacher candidates to begin their spring student teaching experience immediately. The cohort model is designed to build lasting collaborative relationships with other student teachers as a support structure for the success of their futures.

During the spring semester, an additional PDS cohort class is designed to fulfill the requirements of C&T 495 Seminar: Developing the Teaching Portfolio. This bi-weekly class is held at PDS sites and is taught in conjunction with PDS site professional educators. It allows teacher candidates to discuss their experiences, receive site-related timely topics presented by PDS school staff, and receive support and training to complete their Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio (KPTP).

More Information

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PDS Contacts

For more information please contact a member of PDS staff.

Dr. Joe Novak
PDS Director

Joseph R. Pearson 426

Dr. Nicole S. Babalola
PDS Coordinator

Joseph R. Pearson 349


PDS 2014-2015 Welcome Letter

Professional Development Schools – 2014-2015 information More Info »

PDS Alliance Spotlight
Natalie Teo in the classroom (PDS)

Natalie Teo/student teacher at Merriam Park Elementary:  

All children have the ability to be successful and to reach their full potential, however, some may be less fortunate in receiving the right tools and opportunities to do so. Educators play such a big role in providing those tools, opportunities and support for children, which is one of the reasons I want to be an educator. I had the privilege of being an Merriam Park Elementary, a title 1 school, that has given me the opportunity to work with students who are less fortunate. I faced many challenges during this time that has taught me to be a better teacher. One of the most important things I learned was building relationships with my students where they trust me to help them and guide them to success. I learned so much more from my students by having a relationship with them and they have helped me learn to be a more effective and loving teacher. One of the cutest and funniest things that have happened to be during student teaching is having 2-3 of my students call me “mom” by accident. Merriam Park Elementary is a family and it is clearly seen from the supportiveness of all the staff. It has been a great experience being apart of this family.

PDS Newsletter - 2013 - 2014 School Year
KU PDS Alliance Contacts

Joseph NovakDr. Joe Novak
PDS Director

Joseph R. Pearson 426

Nicole SingletonDr. Nicole Singleton
PDS Coordinator

Joseph R. Pearson 349

10th among public universities for its master’s and doctoral programs
—U.S. News & World Report
#1 public program in nation for special education
—U.S. News & World Report
Assists public schools and other partners in all 105 Kansas counties
$938,377 in scholarship funds awarded to 420+ students
Research expenditures of $36,804,773 for 2011-12